Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Message type: Alert
Hazard type: Weather
Urgency: Expected
Severity: Moderate
Certainty: Likely
Recommended Action: Make Preparations
Effective Date: December 4, 2018
Effective Time: 5:45 PM
Expiry Date: December 4, 2018
Expiry Time: 6:45 PM
Who is issuing this alert: EMS
Description of event/hazard:

This warning affects people in the following local government areas:

At 05:37 pm, MetService weather radar detected severe thunderstorms near WINTON, HOKONUI HILLS and HEDGEHOPE.

These severe thunderstorms are moving towards the southwest, and are expected to lie near WINTON, RYAL BUSH, LOCHIEL, LIMEHILLS and HEDGEHOPE at 06:07 pm and near WINTON, RYAL BUSH, WALLACETOWN, LOCHIEL and OTAHUTI at 06:37 pm.

These thunderstorms are expected to be accompanied by very heavy rain.

Very heavy rain can cause surface and/or flash flooding about streams, gullies and urban areas, and make driving conditions extremely hazardous.

What Should affected people do?

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management advises that as storms approach you should:
– Take shelter, preferably indoors away from windows;
– Avoid sheltering under trees, if outside;
– Move cars under cover or away from trees;
– Secure any loose objects around your property;
– Check that drains and gutters are clear;
– Be ready to slow down or stop, if driving.
During and after the storm, you should also:
– Beware of fallen trees and power lines;
– Avoid streams and drains as you may be swept away in flash flooding.

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