Weather Information not included on the Map

Message type: Alert
Hazard type: Weather
Urgency: Immediate
Severity: Minor
Certainty: Unknown
Recommended Action: Take no action
Effective Date: September 3, 2020
Effective Time: 9:00 AM
Expiry Date: September 4, 2020
Expiry Time: 4:00 PM
Who is issuing this alert: Emergency Management Southland
Description of event/hazard:

Our weather map is having some issues so we have turned off the regular map feed until it is resolved.
Issued: 9:50am Friday, 4th September 2020
Area: Fiordland
Valid: 1:00pm Friday to 11:00pm Friday
Expect 70 to 100mm of rain. Peak intensities of 15 to 25mm/hr and thunderstorms possible from this evening.

What Should affected people do?

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